Here’s the real tea:  No one knows when your dog, cat, pig, goat, or any other beloved pet might go for an unplanned adventure without you.  What does that mean?  It means unless you’ve got some kind of sixth sense or have spent some time with a fortune teller, you just have no way of predicting when your pet might go MIA.  Undercollar® is designed to be worn at all times – which means you never have to worry about unplanned games of Hide and Go Seek with your furry friend.  Made from soft, pliable, slip proof banding, undercollar® stretches around our adorable heads with no cumbersome buckles or fasteners, while remaining roomy enough to never pull, pinch or cause discomfort.

So, why us?  Because we are passionate about pets.  Because we lose sleep thinking about the sweet animals that get lost and never come home again.  Because we hate to think of a small child staring out a window, not knowing the fate of his best friend.  Because we were able to think of a sleek, elegant, and simple solution – and we know it has the power to change so much for so many.

Never. Be. Without. ID