World's Most Comfortable Stretch Smart Dog ID Collar With GPS Alerts - Unlike a Microchip, anyone can scan the collar with a smart phone and see your contact information, and you get an immediate email with a map and the location of your pet!


How undercollar® Works?

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  • Every undercollar®has a unique QR Code
  • Scan to activate to setup your personal pet profile
  • In less than 5 minutes, you'll create a custom profile that has everything there is to know about your dog.  Phone, address, photos, medical information
  • Stretch the undercollar over your pets head. When anyone scans the tag, the pet profile is revealed. 
  • Update the pet profile anytime and you've updated the band/collar/tag
  • We even send you an email alert with the GPS map location of where your dog was scanned so you can track them down!
  • No monthly subscription or fees

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