Measure your pets neck loosly then decide appropriate size undercollar from the sizing chart, undercollar®is meant to be loose and comfortable!

Peace of mind that always stays put!

Why microchips aren't enough

1.   If the vet or shelter does not have a universal scanner your pet’s microchip may go undetected.

2.   The microchip has migrated.

3.   The person using the scanner isn’t thoroughly and properly scanning the pet.

4.   The information on the microchip is not up to date with your contact information. (Depending on the brand of microchip it can take anywhere from 24 hours to 2 months to update your microchip information.)

5. You have to physically take the pet somewhere to be scanned!

So are we saying that your pet doesn’t need a microchip?  Absolutely not!  We are saying that microchips should be used WITH external ID tags and should not be used as the sole type of ID your pet has protecting them. 

Always Remember:

ID tags are your pet’s first line of defense for alerting people that they are lost and not a stray.

ID tags are the fastest way that anyone who finds your pet can help them get home fast.

2 types of protection and easy setup!

Old fashioned ... meets modern technology!

1. Write your pet's name and phone number on the special waterproof name tag with included marker. Then insert the name tag in the clear window. (Old fashioned protection that works!)

2. With your smartphone, scan the QR code on the collar, or if you don't know how to do that, head over to and manually enter your unique code printed on every collar to activate your collar. Enter medical records, history or anything you'd like to share. (Modern protection that works!) Our pets can talk to us now!

3. Stretch open wide and slip it over your pet's head and the protection begins!

Anyone that finds your pet can call or text you or they can use their smartphone to scan the QR code which will open your pets personal profile that you created online.

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1. Storage of Your Pet’s Information – enter all of your pet’s history, medical records, vaccination, personality traits or any information you want to make public online, in one place, and then put it to use to help protect them by linking it to your undercollar®. You can access this by scanning the digital QR code on the collar.

2. 24/7 Lost Pet Call Center - Toll-Free 800 number printed on every undercollar® (staffed by humans, not an automated computer)

3. Lost Pet Poster - ability to create a lost pet poster for printing or sharing

4. Articles about Pets – offers over 500 searchable articles to help you raise and nurture your happy, healthy pets.

Upgrade, but not required, basic is always free!

Premium Membership Level includes:

1. GPS Map

2. Community Alerts

3. Tag Scan Notifications

4. Social Sharing 

5. Discounts

instant communication!

4 easy ways to find you!

1. Day or night, anyone that finds your pet can phone or text you, immediately from the phone number your wrote on the collar or.....

2. If they can't reach you, they can scan the QR code which pulls up your pets personal profile that you created with more information on how to contact you or......

3. They can call the Toll Free 800 number printed on every undercollar® which links to PetHub's 24/7 Lost Pet Hotline. or......

4. They can go to (printed on every collar) and manually enter the unique QR Code number printed on every collar!

Simple, direct, communication.

undercollar® will speak for your pet when you cannot!

They have been dropped off at an Animal Hospital ER. The doctor needs your pet’s medical records to treat them. No problem, your undercollar® stores your pet's medical history and records. We are talking shot records, vaccinations, x-rays, veterinarian information, personal information, your pets funny personality traits, whatever you want to share or not share.

What is undercollar®?

Who looks more comfortable?

Well, first of all, it's everything we couldn't find! While we appreciate the many different gadgets you use to try and keep us safe, most have shortcomings.

Those GPS collars can be bulky, expensive and uncomfortable, and fail to work should the battery die, or we wander beyond a cell tower.

And microchips? You have to take your pet to be scanned somewhere! And while we understand the dire importance of our every day collar - sometimes we just want to be like our humans and shed the jingly jangly accessories and relax at home in the buff ! (plus an undercollar® on!)

Never. Be. Without. ID

Humans, it’s entirely pawsible that undercollar® may be the best invention since sliced sausages, but we still need you to know that undercollar® is NOT a replacement for our usual leash collar.

It is an added layer of safety and protection so that we never become a statistic.

Always On, Never Off! That’s why it goes under the collar! (thus the genius name you clever humans, you! )

And of course to be worn alone when lounging around the house, we don’t want to be naked!

We believe every pet deserves to be happy, but not every pet is lucky enough to have a family to call its own. Each time you purchase from undercollar®, we donate a portion of our proceeds and products to shelters, rescues and a variety of other pet welfare causes. Thank you for helping us help them!