All Pets Need 2 ID's On At All Times, Why?

Because almost 70% of lost pets have NO ID on and microchips alone are not enough and can fail.

Receive FREE immediate GPS Alerts by email of your pet's location when the QR Code is scanned with a smartphone.

Measure your pet's neck loosly then look at the chart for the appropriate size undercollar®.

undercollar® is meant to be loose and comfortable!

Please Read!

undercollar® is NOT fragile and is durable when used correctly. It is made from a cotton blend stretch band so it is not intended to be for pets that have a tendency to chew or play rough as this will result in damage to the collar. Puppies should be supervised when wearing an undercollar as they love to play and chew!

How to scan properly

GPS Location NOT Working? How to fix it...

Once you point your phone’s camera at the QR code, you should see a pop-up notification prompt to go to the website of the QR code. Tap on it to open the link to your pet's profile and Allow Sharing Location when prompted. If you don't have your location service on, it might result in random location. We suggest you always have your location service on when you are testing your scanned location. You can do the following to share your scanned location.

Why Microchips Aren't Enough

1.   If the vet or shelter does not have a universal scanner your pet’s microchip may go undetected.

2.   The microchip has migrated.

3.   The person using the scanner isn’t thoroughly and properly scanning the pet.

4.   The information on the microchip is not up to date with your contact information. (Depending on the brand of microchip it can take anywhere from 24 hours to 2 months to update your microchip information.)

5. You have to physically take the pet somewhere to be scanned!

So are we saying that your pet doesn’t need a microchip?  Absolutely not!  We are saying that microchips should be used WITH external ID tags and should not be used as the sole type of ID your pet has protecting them. 

Always Remember:

ID tags are your pet’s first line of defense for alerting people that they are lost and not a stray.

ID tags are the fastest way that anyone who finds your pet can help them get home fast.

Never. Be. Without. ID

Humans, it’s entirely pawsible that undercollar® may be the best invention since sliced sausages, but we still need you to know that undercollar® is NOT a replacement for our usual leash collar.

It is an added layer of safety and protection so that we never become a statistic.

Always On, Never Off! That’s why it goes under the collar! (thus the genius name you clever humans, you! )

And of course to be worn alone when lounging around the house, we don’t want to be naked!

We believe every pet deserves to be happy, but not every pet is lucky enough to have a family to call its own. Each time you purchase from undercollar®, we donate a portion of our proceeds and products to shelters, rescues and a variety of other pet welfare causes. Thank you for helping us help them!