You know that sinking feeling in the bottom of your stomach when you can’t find your pet.  You frantically call out and search all over.  Finally, you realize your little one is gone.  What a dreadful feeling!

I believe my pets are my family.  A few years ago, I was living in a home with my three dogs and my son. Life was hectic.  Even with a close eye on things, one of my dogs escaped! We were frantic.  At the time, Hattie was wearing a homemade collar with my phone number on it that my sister made for me.  It just stretched over the head.  Fast forward…My phone rang and it was a stranger asking me if I had a little black dog.. oh no!.....

“Of course” I said, and she proceeded to tell me that she had been hit by a car and was on the side of the road.  She would stay with her until I got there.  She was literally only 100 feet from my house!  I ran in such a panic to find her in the street, she was in total shock.  A police car was passing by, stopped and told me to get in his car.  He drove us straight to the closest animal hospital.  We got lucky, it could have ended very badly.  Hattie spent the next 5 days in an air chamber at the animal hospital, but has completely recovered!  That was 7 years ago.  That was a terrible trauma for me and my family.  Thankfully, she survived but that got me thinking.....

I wondered if this was something unique that happened to just me?  I did some research and found out the statistics.  It was so upsetting.  Did you know that one in three pets gets lost or goes missing and only 20% of them ever get returned!  I knew that a big majority of pet owners in wanting to make their pets comfortable remove the harness and even the collar with all the jingle on it when they are indoors.  If they escaped, they had no information on them to be able to get home again.  Our pets needed a way to have identification on them all the time.

Microchipping was expensive, invasive and might not be a forever solution.  GPS collars exist but are bulky and rely on batteries that can die or not be within a cell tower location.  I needed something simple, comfortable, and durable. 

I had my sister make comfortable ID collars for me because I couldn’t find any on the market.  I scoured the internet, they didn’t exist.  I had extras so I gifted them to my closest friends who said I should sell them.  I didn’t think something so simple could be a business idea so I didn’t bother to even think about it again.   So again, fast forward a few years, I started to design the perfect comfortable 24/7 pet ID collar to solve a serious problem.  After much experimentation and my sister’s super sewing skills and help, a prototype came about.  Againn, I handed them to my friends, and they loved them!  The response was overwhelming.  We assembled a team to get this done.  Now, there is a solution to the problem! 

It is simple.  Undercollar® is trademarked and patent-pending.  It is made from soft, pliable, slip-proof banding with no fasteners.   It glides on over the head and is roomy enough, so it doesn’t obstruct or interfere with activities.  It is comfortable to wear all the time and that is the point.  It is always on.  It doesn’t hinder the use of collars or harnesses. 

I even took it one step further and partnered with PetHub® for a 2nd layer or protection!  Now each undercollar® has it’s own unique digital QR code.  Just create your pet’s free online profile on The profile contains information about your pet including their name, breed, age, medications, allergies, owner’s contact info, and much more.  For more information go to our How It Works section. 

I think of it as underwear for pets!  My dogs wear theirs all the time.  You write your pet’s name and number in permanent ink (which comes with the undercollar®) so now you have an answer!

With undercollar®, you never have to worry.  If someone finds your pet, they know who to call!  YOU!

And our name, well, that just popped up in my head and made complete sense!  You genius humans you!  undercollar® is a simple no brainer solution! 

We are working with other organizations to place the Undercollar on every pet in the country.  If you have any suggestions on who to contact, please forward it to us.

We want every pet to Never BE Without ID- Here’s to every furry in an undercollar®!

Tracy Young - Founder/CEO  undercollar®


My 3 fur babies, Mr. T. (white), Hattie (black) and Abby (alpha dog)!