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Perfect for mini horse

I got the Undercollar for my mini therapy horse, Sugarfoot, after I saw Flirty the service horse use one. I am so happy with it. I will definitely be getting another one for my other mini.

Love these collars!

These are practical, comfortable, and helpful. Love them!

Great added pet protection!

Great additional tool for keeping your pet safe & a better chance of having her returned, if lost. Our dog is small & we only use her collar/leash for outdoors. We’re going to travel soon & this is extra security. It’s well-made, lightweight & practical. She barely knows she has it on. Loved the pet packaging & we registered her right away. Worth the cost. I have a Bichon/Pom and I got size small. Fits accordingly. Love this product. I recommend it

We are so happy you love it, when you are happy we are happier! Thank you for your wonderful review!

Love it

I think it’s to big could slip off

Glad you love it! We can exchange it for a different size. Please contact us :
Thank you!

Best collar ever

I have been looking for a collar like this for a very long time and was shocked nobody else thought of this until now! I hate the regular collars with metal and buckles. Not only does the noise annoy me, they are uncomfortable for our pup, and so I am constantly taking it off while he's inside. Then I am always in fear if I forget to put it back on or if he were to somehow bolt out the door by accident. I don't like the idea that they could easily be strangled by them if caught in something! Undercollar is exactly what we needed!! It is soft, light, stretchy and it has a nice loose stretch - it isn't tight at all and would easily slip off if it were caught on something! Our dog Ollie didn't even notice us put it on! He has not scratched at it or bothered with it at all. He sleeps perfectly comfortably with it on ALL DAY & NIGHT!!! Not only is the collar material wonderful, I love the idea of writing on the slip their name & number - if anything changes, you don't have to get a whole new tag or collar. Multiple slips are provided, along with the marker, and it is protected under the plastic. PLUS the collars have the QR code, 800#, that ANYONE can scan (unlike microchips) or call in case they are lost. Our dog is microchipped also but it doesn't help the average citizen get your pet home to you quickly! They can't scan a microchip only vets can. In addition to all of this, the website that holds ALL of your contact info, your pet's info, including pic, detailed description, medical records, vet info, several additional emergency contacts, all for FREE is invaluable. The additional services offered for lost pets with paid subscription is amazing also and for a great price. But to get all of that included for the same price as the regular old collars is incredible! I will never go back to those collars. My pup wears his undercollar 24/7 and all we have to do is slip his harness on for outside time and he is completely protected if anything happens. Genius product, site and services!!!! Get it!!!

Kenday, we are so happy you are happy! Thank you so much for your stellar review!