Undercollar® MISSION:

  1. To provide safety and comfort for our pets, and peace of mind for the humans who cherish them.
  2. We are underollar®. The world’s first and original collar designed to be worn at all times to provide a first line of defense for a lost pet.
  3. Was created to be The World’s Most Comfortable Digital Pet ID – Powered by PetHub (QR code technology)
  4. undercollar® is the world’s first and original permanent pet collar that is designed to remain on at all times, and be worn comfortably and securely under an everyday dog collar that attaches to a leash or harness, or worn alone.  Crafted with loving, meticulous detail to provide comfort and safety for our pets, and peace of mind for the humans that love them. 
  5. undercollar®  was created to be a first and permanent line of defense for lost or stolen pets. Like a second skin, undercollar® is purposefully designed to be incredibly comfortable, and always remain around the neck of our pets.
  6. Inspired by pure love, compassion and purpose, undercollar® was created to provide a first and permanent line of defense for wandering pets.  With undercollar®, home is always a phone call away.


 Undercollar® Brand Overview:

  1. undercollar® is the world’s first and original permanent collar designed for comfort, ease, and the safety of our pets. Simply put, we are different breed .Think of us as ‘under wear’ for pets if you will.  Always on. Never ever without. 
  2. undercollar® is thin, comfortable, waterproof, durable and slip proof, and designed to remain on under your every day dog collar which connects to a leash or harness, or just worn alone.  
  3. Made from soft, pliable banding, undercollar ®  stretches around the head of our pets with no cumbersome buckles or fasteners, while remaining roomy enough to never pull or cause discomfort. 
  4. Like humans, our beloved pets like to hang out at home in loungewear. But if that door opens and they bolt out, they are never without a way home.  
  5. We are the world’s first and original undercollar®, created with love and purpose, and designed with the highest quality fabric to be comfortable, slip proof and always on.
  6. undercollar® provides added security for that inevitable day when a pet goes missing after slipping out of an every day leash collar. 
  7. Each year over 10 million pets go missing and stay that way because they are without identification. Many times this happens because they have slipped out of their collar or leash while on a walk or at play. undercollar® is purposefully designed to remain on at all times. Like an ‘undie’collar, if you will, it fits comfortably under a regular dog collar (or worn alone), and stays ON even if your pet takes off. 
  8. We created undercollar® so that YOUR pet never becomes a statistic. It’s a no brainer. Our pets are comfortable. And their humans are comforted knowing they will never be without their undercollar®.  It’s a win win.