2 Layers of Protection - SMART QR CODE TECHNOLOGY
  1. Phone Number & Pet Name Displayed: Write your pet’s name and phone number on the included special waterproof paper strip and insert it in the clear window. The Good Samaritan who finds your pet will call you. If they can’t reach you…..
  2. Scannable QR Code Displayed:They can scan the QR code with any smartphone camera and see all of the information you have chosen to make public on your pet’s profile on PetHub.com (which you can update whenever you want, completely for free). If they don’t have a smartphone, they simply go to PetHub.com and enter the unique ID number listed on the tag or call the 24/7 Found Pet Hotline where the PetHub team can help (a free service included when you activate your QR code at PetHub.com).
How To Activate PetHub’s Free Lost Pet Recovery Services
  1. Visit www.pethub.com/goto activate your unique QR code/ID number (the alphanumeric number of the tag) and create your pet's free online profile. You can include information like your pet's name, breed, age, medications, allergies, emergency contact info, and much more.
  2. All undercollars® include PetHub's Basic (free) services -- like the 24/7 Found Pet Hotline. When signing up, you can choose to super-charge your pet's protection by upgrading to PetHub's Premium service for just $24/year (or stay with the Basic plan)
Home is always an undercollar® away!!
  • With PetHub’s Premium subscription, you’ll have access to the best lost pet recovery tools including instant email notifications when your pet’s QR tag was scanned. And if the Good Samaritan submits location information, PetHub© will email you a GPS map of where your pet was located when scanned!
  • You will also have the ability to quickly send a Shelter Broadcast (think “Amber Alert” for pets) to alert shelters, vet clinics and other animal organizations within a 50 mile radius that your pet is missing.
  • And that’s not all! Visit PetHub.com to learn more about what their Premium subscription includes (starting at just $24/year)!