Never. Be. Without. ID.

The World’s First and Most Comfortable Digital Pet ID, undercollar®

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Founded in 2018, undercollar® has set out to help protect the nearly 10 million pets that will go missing this year by delivering an easy, non-invasive, and affordable way to identify your pet.

 undercollar® is the ‘New’ must have digital ID collar for your pet. It fits comfortably, meant to always be on, never off and is the easiest solution to keep track of pets. While we appreciate the many different gadgets you use to try and keep us safe, most have shortcomings.  Those expensive GPS collars can be bulky and uncomfortable, and fail to work should the battery die, or we wander beyond a cell tower.  And microchips can fail. Why? Because it takes too many things going “right” for microchips and GPS trackers to work 100% of the time.  Just slip on the undercollar® and the pet will Never. Be. Without. ID. Sometimes we just want to be like our humans and shed the jingly jangly accessories and relax at home in the buff. undercollar® can be worn alone while lounging around or under the regular leash collar. But we still need you to know that undercollar® is NOT a replacement for our usual leash collar.  It is an added layer of safety and protection so that we never become a statistic.  That’s why it goes under the collar! (thus the genius name, you clever humans, you!)

According to the ASPCA, 80% of pet parents believe pet ID tags are crucially important, but only 33% report that their pet always wears one! So that leaves 67% of unprotected pets that don’t have a collar on! To find out, this is an all too common situation. When your pet is home, most humans (well at least 67%) remove their bulky, noisy collar, never thinking they could escape or get out somehow. Now we have solved that problem!

Undercollar® is a comfortable, pliable, and easy to use digital pet ID collar system that is uniquely designed for 24/7, 7-days-a-week, 365-days-a-year wear. With undercollars available in 6 sizes, it has been specifically designed to fit almost any pet imaginable.  What does that mean?  It means whether you have the traditional Husky that just loves digging under the fence and running away, or you are a less traditional pet owner and you have a vivacious Potbelly Pig that just loves to bolt around the neighborhood, undercollar has the unique, comfortable, and adorable safety solution for you. 

Every undercollar© is Powered by PetHub© and includes a QR code that can be linked to a free online pet profile at Once activated and linked to the pet profile, a Good Samaritan can scan the QR code on the undercollar© and see information that the owner has made public (like emergency contacts and
important medical information). The free pet profile includes services like a 24/7 Found Pet Hotline, but you can super-charge your pet’s protection by upgrading to PetHub’s Premium service for just $24/year and receive additional features like instant scan notifications, GPS maps of your pet’s location,
and alerts to notify local shelters that your pet is missing.